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<<<Madzone our first game!

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Our first game:-

Tralier 1

Tralier 2

Madzone are first game made by us in UDK and is for PC 

It's a Fps game with no limits of madness as the fight never ends

There going to be many DLC for it

 Realese Date: 08/07/2013,PC


This is our first game and it was created just for seeing basic funtions of UDK it does not contain any high level of programming or custom made things

click on the download button it will take u too google docs and there click on the arrow facing down bellow madzone

This game has multiplayer over internet 

to see how it works 

go to :-


Our 1st Game for Android.

A just-for-fun game that engages you in it's not-so-great graphics.
Oh and requirements:-

Andorid 2.2 and up and preferably small screen.


Concepts/Upcoming Projects

MadZone 2
This is one of our most awaited project yet.It includes Zombies,Terrorists,mad guys etc. One disadvantage:Not sure if it will be online or not,we are trying our best.(added 19/11/13)

Project Starts:1st March 2014(planing and all from much begining)
Project expected to end:1st  July 2014 (for Windows,Mac,Linux)


Engine used:UDK/Unity3D

WAH!  (whatsapp hack)(added 19/11/13)
Oh I just love the concept of whatsapp,its economical and social,rolled in one.I use it very less,but I do not like some of the features.So we thought,hey lets make something like whatsapp using Python/Java/C#....And we will soon update you with pictures of what it's going to be.

(added 19/11/13)


(That image on the right is not so good looking not all the feature image do not judge any project just on that)

Two concepts we would like to show:-

A platformer for Android simple controls and just random levels like the game GiveUp (HTML5).

Really simple call blocker from a similar number.You feed it spam and it gets trained to block similar number with the help of "AI"
~Received this brainwave while listening to Pablos Holman's Speech on YouTube-TED.

Yeah yeah,Abhi but not sure if we would work on it or not.Abhi is pretty useless.

Videos we are doing/hope to do:-



3.Facts and stuff about Naruto

4.Acoustic Guitar tutorials



7.Autodesk 3DSMax

8.After Effects

9.Sony Vegas

10.Gameplays(AC 4,Dota 2 etc.)


12.Audacity and FL9


14.Hacking Pokemon ROM

15.Hacking Android app.